Birmingham, AL native. Enjoys the fields of software, electronics, technology, and healthcare. Working towards unifying my passions. Currently enrolled in Covalence’s online Full Stack Bootcamp to further develop my skillset.

Avid cyclist, hiker, camper, rock climber, homebrewer, home cook, PC builder, Eagle Scout, and animal enthusiast.


Jefferson State Community College

Computer Lab Technician. July 2018 - Present

I am responsible for maintaining the 4 computer labs and for general IT/AV issues for the top floor. Duties include supporting users with all desktop needs, in addition to tutoring & mentoring for CIS & programming classes.

I wrote a few batch scripts to expedite common issues students experienced in the labs, and wrote a few Tampermonkey scripts to monitor the networked printers, giving me updates on their statuses, health, and supply quantities. I am responsible for maintaining the 4 computer labs on the top floor, and I am also on-call IT for general IT/AV issues for the floor. Duties include supporting users with all desktop needs, in addition to being on-call help and tutoring for CIS & programming classes.

Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic

Kennel Technician. August 2017 - Present

Responsibilities include day-to-day upkeep of the clinic and care for the animals present for boarding, including: preparing and feeding the animals with their required diet, walking the dogs to ensure they are adequately exercised and socialized, giving baths with medical services, and assisting the veterinarians and the veterinary technicians in their daily roles as needed.

UberX & Lyft

Independent Contractor. Jan 2017 - August 2017

While operating as a rideshare driver for both services, I provided excellent service, maintaining a perfect 5.00/5.00 rating and consistently received the “Above and Beyond” driver award with Uber. Additionally, I implemented a project using a Raspberry Pi3 and RetroPie to create a video game emulation station to allow 2 passengers to play classic videogames for the duration of the ride, frequently receiving requests to circle extra blocks so that a Mario Kart match (or two) may be finished.


Software Engineer. May 2016 - Feb 2017

I created new features and fixed existing bugs for our EMR/Operative documentation web app, on a stack of Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, and MySQL. Duties also included working on infrastructure within AWS, primarily in EC2, VPCs, and with S3. A notable project I completed was to create a logging framework using SumoLogic for analytics in order to give our Implementation & Support teams a tool with which they could easily assist our clients.

Hubbard Systems

Application Systems Analyst. Nov 2015 - May 2016

I trained and assisted our clients in daily usage of our accounting application. In addition to gaining valuable support skills, I was involved with both Windows & Linux server administration, and T-SQL for a subset of our application.

Greystone Golf and Country Club

Server, Bartender, Event Staff. Apr 2011 - Nov 2015

I worked in a variety of roles, serving in the Aquatics Department in the summers, working in reception and the poolside grill. I later transitioned to the Food and Beverage Department, where I worked in various roles related to dining - including serving in a fast, casual, everyday environment as well as our finest dining events. As event staff, I worked closely with clients and members as we prepared and set up events from small birthday parties to holiday parties, to golf tournaments or weddings which included hundreds of people.


Covalence, 2018-2019

I am currently enrolled in the Birmingham-based Covalence bootcamp.

It teaches a full-stack JavaScript curriculum based on various frontend techs (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript (ES6+), jQuery, React, React Native), TypeScript, Node for the backend, MySQL and MongoDB for database work, and Heroku and AWS for infrastructure and deployment.

Jefferson State Community College, 2017

I received my Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming with a 3.26 GPA from Jefferson State Community College. I was the recipient of the Jefferson State College Scholar award in 2016.

I was involved with extracurricular activities, participating on the College Scholars’ Bowl team for 5 semesters and serving as the captain for 3. I concluded my Scholar’s Bowl career as the second highest scorer in school history.



Microsoft Technical Associate

Database Administration Fundamentals, 2017 - Present.

Software Development Fundamentals, 2017 - Present.

Security Fundamentals, 2018 - Present.


Healthcare IT Technician, 2017 - Present.



I really enjoy working with the DOM and using Tampermonkey to manipulate it. My Tampermonkey repo is full of miscellaneous projects (including some network printer monitoring scripts for work).

One of my favorites is ChaosProTips. That takes a multireddit of the ‘LifeProTips’, ‘UnethicalLifeProTips’, ‘ShittyLifeProTips’, and ‘IllegalLifeProTips’subreddits, strips out all identifying info about the subreddits on the page, and if it finds any instance of ‘LPT’, ‘ULPT’, ‘SLPT’, or ‘ILPT’ in the title, it strips it out and replaces it with a randomized one. It works for both the old reddit style and the new redesign!

In Arduinoventures (take 3), I created a Stranger Things-themed “alphabet light” with Neopixels for a Christmas door-decoration contest that would spell out ‘JEFF STATE’ and then return to randomized colors. Code for this available here.

In my second adventure with Arduino and getting my hands dirty with C++, I created the electronics and programming setup for two anglerfish costumes (video link with audio) to celebrate Halloween 2018 festivities with my partner. Repo

Getting into my second dive with React, I created a mobile-responsive app that pulls data from the Studio Ghibli API to populate cards with information from certain endpoints navigated by React Router.

There is a working demo, but GitHub Pages’ project sites do not play well with routing to individual IDs so I’ll need to host this elsewhere for full functionality.

I’m working on the frontend for Chirper, a platform where one can share their musings with the world in “Chirps”. This is my first dive into React, so I’ll probably be doing a full rewrite when it comes to developing the backend.


Wear My Heart On My Sleeve was an attempt at creating a Halloween costume with a unique ‘wearables’ functionality. Unfortunately my $1 heartrate sensor from AliExpress was not accurate, so I had the heartrate display a constant number instead.

I set up RetroPie and EmulationStation on a Raspberry Pi and integrated it into the backup camera display from a previous project to allow passengers to play videogames in my car while I am driving.

I used 33 feet of RGB strip lighting, a Raspberry Pi, and the python PIGPIO library to create custom lighting displays on our Christmas tree.

I participated in Vandyhacks II & III, two of Vanderbilt University’s annual hackathon.

At Vandyhacks II, I collaborated with two students from Vanderbilt and a student from Georgia Tech to produce Space Cowboy, a sidescrolling shooter - in SPACE! - for Android. This was my first time doing collaborative programming, and it was a great experience in learning a new framework (Corona) and language (Lua) and creating a full app in the span of a weekend.

At Vandyhacks III, I worked with two UAB students in developing a game based on hunting down asteroids in real-time. Although we didn’t finish, it was fun for me to work with Asterrank and NASA’s APIs to play with their data and sort through the closest asteroids to us by their estimated monetary value.

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Disclaimer: the sodas were consumed by my team of 4, not just myself